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Welcome to Atlantic Bone and Joint Centre. Our practice is based at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital in Cape Town. Our team of professionals offers a wide variety of services in the field of orthopaedics, with a specialisation in the assessment and management of hip and knee problems and a particular interest in robotic joint replacement surgery, hip replacement and knee replacement procedures, together with sports medicine, such as arthroscopic surgery.

The practice is headed by Dr Preyen Naidu, who completed his speciality training in orthopaedic surgery in 2013, spending three years thereafter as a consultant at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Tertiary Academic Hospital in Durban, where he was trained extensively in complex hip surgery and knee surgery. He has since been in Private Practice at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital as the resident Hip and Knee surgeon as of 2016. As a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Naidu is fully committed to assisting patients throughout their recovery journey. This includes all stages, from diagnosis to treatment recommendations, surgery and post-operative recovery and care. Trust, honesty and personal attention are the ideals which Dr Naidu holds dear and make up the foundations upon which our practice, Atlantic Bone and Joint Centre, has been created.

Dr Naidu currently performs all elective hip replacement procedures via the posterior approach. Dr Naidu has chosen not to offer the so-called minimally invasive direct anterior surgical approach, as he feels very strongly that the method will not allow him to perform surgery to the high standards to which he works. He is, however, willing and available to discuss all surgery options with each patient and will address any questions or concerns along the way.

Dr Naidu offers a range of services, some of the most common of which include fracture management, hip replacement, knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, and treatments for sports injuries, orthopaedic trauma and emergencies. We also treat common conditions, such as joint pain, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. In addition, Dr Naidu is certified in robotic hip and knee surgery. He offers this procedure to prospective patients eligible for joint replacement surgery.

The Atlantic Bone and Joint Centre is fully equipped, and our team has access to world-class technology and facilities. Dr Naidu believes that medical professionals are obligated to remain on the cutting edge of modern medicine to provide their patients with the best care possible. Consequently, continuous medical education, conferences, and workshops remain a passion. We ensure that each patient feels comfortable at our centre of excellence and that every need is met both before and after treatment. Dr Preyen Naidu believes that through honest communication, and open discussion with the patient and their family, the best standards and outcomes are achieved. Educated patients are empowered patients. Surgery is only a last resort, according to Dr Naidu's standards. After all, attempts at non-operative therapy have failed to improve symptomatology. Although the vast majority of Dr Naidu’s patients leave Atlantic Bone and Joint Centre without an operation, Dr Naidu's team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that the recovery period is as quick and painless as possible and function is restored.

Please feel free to browse through our website to read more about the procedures and services we provide, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation..

Please remember that this website is intended to provide information which may be further discussed during a consultation. It is not a substitute for a professional medical opinion. Furthermore, emails on this site are not attended to on an emergency basis. Should you have an urgent medical problem, kindly contact us via telephone, or report to your nearest Trauma Unit immediately in the event of an emergency.


Suite C2-7. Second Floor, Block C,
Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital,
Waterville Crescent
Cape Town